What Leaders Are Saying About JOURNEY!

  • unwind, bond and act like kids

    “Was an absolute blast, and one of the best team building activities I have ever done with my middle schoolers.” - Kyle, Youth Leader (JOURNEY Cabin Challenge)

    “This was fun.  Nuts, but fun.” Gayle, Volunteer (JOURNEY Cabin Challenge)

    “Fantastic weekend, My students had fun, felt loved and cared for, and ultimately were focused on Christ this weekend. This will be a cornerstone weekend for them moving forward in their faith journey.” - Kyle, Youth Leader

  • Marko

    “Marko was dynamic and engaging. He is a gifted storyteller. He kept adults and students engaged and focused.” - Peter, Youth Volunteer

    “Fantastic storytelling, hilariously relatable, and really knew how to share the gospel with students. Marko was fantastic.” - Kyle, Youth Leader

    “I am a middle school teacher so this information was not only useful for my kids and the youth I am with but also the kids I teach. It was a nice reminder that we all need to practice showing grace.” - Mike, Youth Volunteer (Adult Leader Training session led by Marko)

  • Spot-on Middle School Level

    Spot-on middle school level.  I can't imagine any better! Students actually wanted to attend program time. 

    - Adult Chaperone

    My own daughter attended and commented that it rejuvenated her. I could not ask for anything more - thank you! - Wendy, Parent

    JOURNEY is an amazing retreat for middle schoolers and we look forward to it every year. - Bonnie, Youth Leader

  • Atmosphere for worship

    "The music was excellent. Loved the words on the screen, loved the prayers that the music leader offered." - Wendy, Parent

    "Great worship. Great praises and music." - Seong, Youth Leader