6:00-9:30pm: Registration/Settle in/Free time

10:00pm: General Session #1

11:00pm: To lodges for CabinTime

11:45pm: Lights Out


7:00am: Youth Leader's Gathering/Coffee/Fellowship

7:45-8:45: Adult Leader Training Session with Ashley Bohinc

9:15 AM: Breakfast

9:45 AM: Adult Leader’s Meeting

10:15 AM: General Session #2

11:45 AM: JOURNEY Camp Challenge! (Church group activities)

12:45 PM: Lunch

1:00-5:45 PM: FREE Time! Enjoy all Rockbridge has to offer, plus organized recreation, cool crafts, and more!

6:00 PM:  Dinner

7:15 PM: General Session #3

9:00 PM: Church Groups  

11:00 PM: To lodges/Cabin Time

11:30 PM: Lights out


8:00 am: Clean up/Pack up

9:15 am: Breakfast

10:00am: General Session #4/Closing Worship

11:15am: Head home!

Journey Schedule